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[christos_99] 206 xs 1.6 16V Carte_11

[christos_99] 206 xs 1.6 16V

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[christos_99] 206 xs 1.6 16V Empty [christos_99] 206 xs 1.6 16V

Message par christos_99 le Sam 22 Sep 2018, 15:45

Hello from Greece my friends! You have a very nice forum, i found more interesting threads! Here in Greece we have the community.

I have peugeot 206 1600 16V with tu5jp4

-Panel KN
-Inlet manifold C2 VTs
-Injectors 206RC EW10J4s
-Camshaft+cam pulley's 106 tu5j4
-Exhaust manifold 106 tu5j4 + 200cell catalyst converter + middle muffler + 54mm
-Oil cooler 206RC
-ECU remmaping e-tuners

-Differential 14/60

-Disk 283*26mm 206RC
-Pads ferodo premier
-Brake fluid ferodo dot 5.1

-Front weitec coilovers, springs 280lbs
-Rear bilstein B6
-Front rollbar 22mm 206SW, rear 22mm 206RC
-Triangle with 4 uniballs 206CC
-Sabelt bar

[christos_99] 206 xs 1.6 16V IMG_20180825_190955_zpsicr8cu00

[christos_99] 206 xs 1.6 16V IMG_20180825_191103_zpsyjvluuhj

[christos_99] 206 xs 1.6 16V IMG_20180630_152502_zpsgqg7n04o

[christos_99] 206 xs 1.6 16V IMG_20180909_110938_zps3ivyi8ol

[christos_99] 206 xs 1.6 16V IMG_20180908_172811_zpsauzamzqf

[christos_99] 206 xs 1.6 16V IMG_20180908_185356_zpsmqh8ln2t

[christos_99] 206 xs 1.6 16V IMG_20180816_130615_zpsckjb5emz

[christos_99] 206 xs 1.6 16V IMG_20170121_134505_zpsrmm6iois

[christos_99] 206 xs 1.6 16V IMG_20170121_134515_zpsydo3oggo

I write at your's forum because i have a problem.. My car when i drive with a lot km/h, either on a trip or hillclimb, the oil temperature go to 130-140 celsius...
I used many oil manufactures, Total, Elf, Motul, Castrol all 5W40. Every time when i go fast >150km/h, i have high oil temperature and i leave the throttle...
I want to use castrol edge 5W50, motul sport 5W50, liqui moly molygen 5W50 or total ps 10W50 i think will be better..
What is your opinion? What oil you use at this motor??

Racing regards from Greece!!
Continue your good job in your community and sorry for English.
Thank you!


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